Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Eyes Have It!

Spring has finally sprung!  With so many beautiful eye colours around at the moment, it is like being in a sweet shop not knowing which ones to choose.  Once you’ve made your choice, however, what’s the best way to use them to enhance your own eye shape? 
Fashion colours can be used as accents, to add a pop of colour to the outer edge of your eye lid if you’re not brave enough to use them all over.  However, in the same way as an artist uses light and dark to create depth and a 3D effect in a painting, so we need to use the same techniques for eye make-up.  Light colours make things stand out and dark colours make things recede.  Stick to this rule and you won’t go far wrong.  Here are a few handy tips:

Stage Eye Shadow Primer
First of all, make your handiwork last longer by preparing your eye lids first with the Stage Eye Shadow Primer.

 If you have deep set eyes, use lighter colours on the eye lid and brow bone and a slightly darker colour in and just above the socket. 
Shimmer Eye Powders in 32 shades

If you have close set eyes, to help open up the eye area, use lighter colours on the inner corners and darker colours on the outside corners, extending outwards.  Keep eye liner   to the outer corners too.  You may also want to keep brows not too heavily coloured on the inner edges to create an illusion of space and extend the tail end just a little.

Eye Brow Pencil in Soft Blonde
If your eyes turn down at the outer edges, you want to shade upwards and outwards to rebalance.  Blend deeper colours along the outer two thirds of the socket line.  Further lift can be achieved by using a liquid liner on the top lid close to the lashes and applying a tail, or a flick to the outer edge, as well as making sure the lashes are well curled or applying a few lashes inserts or half a strip lash to the outer edge.

Intense Eye Shadow in Passionate

If you have hooded eyes, which, alas, is something that tends to happen with age, keep eye make-up simple with matte colours and minimal use of shimmer or glitter (the same advice goes for crepey eye lids too). Using coloured liners can be more effective, or else creating a “new “ socket line above the actual socket with two deeper, well blended colours can really open up the eyes.

Eye Shadow with Smudger in 15 shades

If your eyes protrude, it is best to steer clear of light colours on the eye lid area, restricting them to the brow bone only.   Medium and deep colours are more flattering.  Avoid metallic, sparkly and shimmery colours as this will reflect light.

Intense Eye Shadow in Buff (matte)

If you have almond shaped eyes, any eye technique will work for you as these are considered to have the most balanced proportions, however, as will any of these make-up techniques, the secret to a polished look is to blend, blend and blend again to make sure you have no harsh lines and the best way to achieve this is with good brushes.

Professional Brushes
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Stay looking fabulous.